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Why you should take a chance credit!

  It's Not a Matter of Luck!

Getting a car loan is not a matter of luck! Your credit report is better than you think. Our job is to make you rise from third to second chance credit or even 2nd chance to regular financial credit. This way, you’ll pay the lowest possible Interest rates!

  Over 25 Years Experience

Our team of experts has a strong experience of 25 years in 2nd and 3rd chance credit. The company's founders have introduced the notion of 2nd chance credit in Quebec in the 1980s. With us, you are in good hands!

  In a Glimpse...

For the past 25 years, we have been offering every type of car financing from financial institutions to house credit in all regions of Quebec. Our goal is to find you the best car financing rates / car payments. Our auto loan application has no obligation on your part!

  Financial Institutions

We take the time to sit down with our clients, study their credit and its recovery potential. Then we select only one or two financial institutions to work with, among the 20 that we represent. This way, their credit score won’t be negatively affected.


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CSM Financial Services: An Auto Finance Network

Our Finance Network

At Services Financiers CSMour mission is simple: We negotiate with Canada's leading financial and banking institutions to offer you the best financing options on the market. For the last 25 years our team has generated thousands of auto loans in Quebec, thanks to our fast, honest and efficient service. Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal, debt problems and bad credit? No problem!

Nos partenaires financiers
Nos partenaires financiers
Nos partenaires financiers
Nos partenaires financiers


250 pre-owned vehicles in inventory (all inspected and guaranteed 3 years)

Here is an example of the pre-owned vehicles in our inventory!

Mazda 3
Honda Civic
Toyota Yaris
Ford Escape
Toyota Yaris
Hyundai Tucson


Here is a series of clients’ testimonials. All these people had, at some point or another, difficulties getting car financing. Because of us they were able to get a car loan at the best rate and conditions.


You can contact us at any time using the form below or by calling us at the following toll free number :  1 877-241-8731

Chance Au Credit
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